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Arih & Charlie's premium cuisine

We start with high-quality, fresh, raw meat, bones, and whole organs. Our product does not contain grains, synthetic preservatives, artificial colors, or rendered by-products. We use only all-natural ingredients in our food, so we're able to provide your pet with a biologically appropriate diet.

NO Additives

No added antibiotics, hormones, fillers, or flavorings!

NO Artificial

No artificial preservatives, coloring, synthetic vitamins, or minerals!

NO By-Products

No rendered by-products! Just meat, organs, and bone!

Coat & Skin

The fatty acids in our food help promote a healthier immune system, leading to a smoother and shinier coat.


By not using any grains or glutens, the risk of developing allergies decreases.


A raw diet is easier for dogs to digest, leading to firmer odorless stool, less frequent pooping, and a decrease in gas.


Many owners notice an energy boost in their dogs after switching to a raw diet, likely due to the increased ability to absorb nutrients from food.

Dental Health

The crunch of the raw food helps remove plaque and tartar, strengthening teeth and gums. Our food is also starch-free, an ingredient that leads to dental disease, mouth infections, and tartar buildup.