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Arih & Charlie's premium Dog food

The freeze-drying process used by Arih & Charlie's premium cuisine retains all
active nutritional elements while allowing the food to be safely
and conveniently stored without needing refrigeration.

NO Additives

No added antibiotics, hormones, fillers, or flavorings!

No Atificial

No artificial preservatives, coloring, synthetic vitamins, or minerals!


No rendered by-products! Just meat, organs, and bone!

No allergies

By not using any grains developing allergies decreases.

Our mission

Our mission is to transform and enrich the lives of pets and
their owners. If you're like Nate, your dog – or dogs - hold a very special place in your heart. You want them to be happy, healthy, and well-balanced. As a dog trainer, Nate has always said that if you want a balanced dog, they need daily mental stimulation, physical exercise, and affection.

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Proper pet care

We have all the best products for your pet. We offer exceptional dog food, rooted in science, to deliver essential nutritional solutions with unmatched quality.

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Benefits of a Raw Diet

We start with high-quality, fresh, raw meat, bones, and whole organs. Our product does
not contain grains, synthetic preservatives, artificial colors, or rendered by-products.
We use only all-natural ingredients in our food, so we're able to provide your
pet with a biologically appropriate diet.

Coat & Skin

The fatty acids in our food help promote a healthier immune
system, leading to a smoother and shinier coat.


A raw diet is easier for dogs to digest, leading to firmer odorless stool, less frequent pooping, and a decrease in gas.


Many owners notice an energy boost in their dogs after switching to a raw diet, likely due to the increased ability to absorb nutrients from food.

Dental Health

The crunch of the raw food helps remove plaque and tartar,
strengthening teeth and gums. Our food is also starch-free, an ingredient that leads to dental disease, mouth infections, and tartar buildup.

Featured product

Salmon Bites For Dogs

Salmon Bites For Dogs

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Discover the easy to serve, nutritious dog food that your dog will love! Made with all-natural ingredients, you'll see all the benefits of salmon in a crunchy and delicious freeze-dried dog food that contains the nutrients your dog needs for optimal health.

Packed with protein and healthy omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is a natural food that promotes a reduction in inflammation. If your pet struggles with arthritis or other mobility issues, salmon is a great choice to help reduce symptoms and improve joint mobility.

Our salmon dog food uses real meat, whole organs, and bone to create a complete food that
is slowly freeze-dried to retain every ounce of nutrition. With no unnecessary fillers, your dog gets only the best without any gluten, artificial preservatives, or damaging additives.

Give your dog the fuel they deserve - the crunchy all-natural salmon dog food that boosts
their vitality and keeps them in top condition. When you know exactly what you're feeding your dog, you can be confident in the results.

Buy our Salmon Bites today and start seeing the difference in your dog's health!

Serve as a meal, toppings, or treats.

Packaging May Vary.

FUELING POWER OF RAW: Raw meat builds muscle and burns fat
for vitality your dog will feel and you'll see! This complete and balanced
natural dog food is protein-packed, low-carb and low on starch.

FREEZE-DRIED SALMON DOG FOOD: Our unique slow freeze-drying process locks in vitamins and nutrients without cooking or intense processing.
Our naturally healthy dog food stays fresh from farm to bowl.

NO GRAINS, ONLY GOODNESS: Our grain free salmon dog food
contains no added fillers, dyes, flavorings, artificial preservatives or rendered by-products. It's the ultimate limited ingredient dog food!  

REAL SALMON, NATURAL NUTRITION: Fish isn't just for felines! Salmon dog food is a healthy choice for your pup, rich in vitamins and high in
the omega-3 fatty acids that promote strong joints and skin.

EASY-TO-FEED MINI NIBS: This dry and lightweight raw dog
food can be served as-is or mixed with other food for a meaty protein boost! Shelf-safe and long-lasting in a convenient resealable pouch.